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About us

Established in 2008 NU ART Gallery is proud to present fine Ukrainian art.  The main mission of the gallery is to rethink the Ukrainian cultural heritage. We aim to be a place of experience and inspiration, through our collection, exhibitions, programs and research.

The collection of the famous Kyiv collector and philanthropist Mykola Bilousov became the basis for the formation of the gallerys collection and its primary exhibition activity.

The large collection of the gallery includes a collection of works by prominent Ukrainian artists like Sergei Shishko, Adalbert (Bela) Erdelyi, Oleksa Nowakiwskij, Roman Selski, Mikhail Zhuk, Valentin Khrushch, Valentina Tsvetkova. Ukrainian and Russian icons of the 16th-20th centuries hold special place in the collection, which has over 200 unique monuments of sacral painting, created in the best traditions of large artistic icon-painting centers and schools.

NU ART Gallery presents artists from all regions of Ukraine, aiming to open the talents of talented authors from all over the country.

The gallery cooperates with contemporary Ukrainian artists, striving to emphasize the original intention of the authors who created their work for many years. In this case, special attention is paid to the personality of each artist, his tastes and preferences.

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